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Tuition Information

New pricing starts April 16th, 2014

6 Three hour sessions = $205
12 Three hour sessions = $380

Savings of $30 when you purchase 12 sessions!

There will be an additional $10 fee for all classes with live models.

Checks and cash will be collected/made payable to: Marin Art School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make-up missed classes?
You can make-up missed classes within a session. Continuing students can make up classes from previous sessions.

Can I take a course two times a week?
Yes. The $205 fee buys you six classes. You can take them once a week, twice a week or three times a week - please discuss with your instructor.

Can I take a course two or more times a week?
  Yes, as far as Dorallen and Jane’s classes are concerned ….you may mix and match your classes however you choose (keep in mind, a model fee added for figure/portrait classes.)

Teresa, Ezra, Kay, and Laura will design their classes as they wish.